Parkinson’s Disease New Treatment

Mannitol:Treating Parkinson’s in a Sweet Way

Mannitol Powder: A Promising Parkinson’s New Treatment Apparently, pharmaceutical companies don’t want people with Parkinson’s to know that there is a natural, cheaper and effective way to treat the disease.There are approximately one million Americans with Parkinson’s Disease, with additional 10 million worldwide. They all suffer daily from PD’s symptoms: slow movement, limbs stiffness, uncontrollable […]

Mannitol Balance Powder

Israel TV – Channel 1

Mannitol benefits for Parkinson’s disease MANNITOL SWEETENER In this video, Parkinson’s patients who gave mannitol a try, talk about their experience and their success with Mannitol. Thousands of people with Parkinson’s from all over the world using Mannitol Balance.Patients have recorded a reduced level of the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s including motor symptoms, speech, drooling, […]