Mannitol Powder: A Promising Parkinson’s New Treatment

Apparently, pharmaceutical companies don’t want people with Parkinson’s to know that there is a natural, cheaper and effective way to treat the disease.There are approximately one million Americans with Parkinson’s Disease, with additional 10 million worldwide. They all suffer daily from PD’s symptoms: slow movement, limbs stiffness, uncontrollable tremors, cognitive functions decline, speech problems, and more.

Parkinson’s Disease hurts the living quality of those who have it. Still, almost no one heard of the Mannitol powder breakthrough of 2013. What was this breakthrough? How can it change the lives of the millions who suffer from Parkinson’s? And why don’t the pharmaceutical companies want you to know about Parkinson’s Disease New Treatment?

Parkinson’s Disease New Treatment

Parkinson’s Medication

People with Parkinson’s take many medications each day. Although easing the symptoms, many of these Parkinsons medications are expensive and have side effects.

This is why in 2013 a team of leading researchers from Tel Aviv University and University of San Diego sought a natural substance which can help people with Parkinson’s in a more natural, and cheaper way.

The team tested various substances on fruit flies and mice, both genetically modified to have Parkinson’s. Out of the dozens of substances tested, one stood out as highly effective – mannitol.

parkinsons medication

You probably had mannitol powder before but didn’t know: The thin powder that covers chewing gum is made from a tiny portion of mannitol. The substance is a low-calorie sugar-alcohol, used as a sugar substitute for people with diabetics. It’s a natural component in onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables. Surprisingly, in the experiment, this natural substance showcased incredible ability to relieve many symptoms of Parkinson’s. Intrigued, the researchers gave it to people with Parkinson’s. The results were far better than anyone expected:

“In the passing six months I’m taking two tablespoons of Mannitol powder each day. The first with my morning coffee, the second with my evening yogurt. Shortly after I gave Mannitol Balance a chance, I experienced an improvement in my Parkinson’s symptoms. For instance, my sense of smell came back, my tremors are better now, and so is my sleep. Most importantly, my hope and spirit are back.”

This patient gave Mannitol Balance a chance and his condition improved significantly. There’s absolutely no reason why other people with Parkinson’s won’t give it a chance as well!

Give Mannitol Balance a Chance: The Smart Choice for People with Parkinson’s
Based on the amazing results, Mannitol Balancehas been developed: a brand of
mannitol powder with a similar composition to that used in the research, for best relief from Parkinson’s symptoms.

Thousands of people from all over the world already gave a chance to this Parkinson’s Disease new treatment.
And use it daily alongside their conventional Parkinson’s treatment. The feedback is overwhelming. Those who gave Mannitol Balance a chance reported significant relief in many of the disease’s symptoms:

Better Sleep: For the first time in months, people with the disease could sleep or the entire night. Improved Body Movement: Tremors calmed, control over the body returned. Cognitive Recovery: Clarity of thought finally came back. Memory Returned: Short-term and long-term memory became accessible again. Stronger, Clearer Speech: The mind could finally find the words, and the mouth could finally pronounce them. Pain Relief: From the constant aching many people with Parkinson’s experience.

The most amazing thing is that these results didn’t come from an experimental medicine, but from a natural, over-the- counter product, approved by the FDA, which is significantly cheaper than practically all conventional Parkinsons medication! It’s easily consumed with daily hot beverages, replacing sugar, but with fewer calories, GMO free, and low-glycemic. How about side effects? None, except for mild stomach ache which might be caused only from excessive use… In other words – there’s absolutely no reason why a person with Parkinson’s won’t give Mannitol Balancea

Mannitol Powder:

Mannitol Powder

  • Approved by the FDA and other health organizations.
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    and its cause.
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