Mannitol and Parkinson’s

Recent studies found a link between the usage of Mannitol and the improved functionality of people that suffered from

Parkinson’s Disease. The Journal of Biological Medicine had published findings in

their June 14th edition, from a study that was carried out to determine the effect on

the brain functionality and Parkinson’s-like symptoms of fruit flies and genetically

modified mice. In these cases, both the flies and the mice restored

normal movement, reduced the harmful levels of alpha-synuclein and

protected the neurons that produced dopamine in the brain due to the Mannitol injections.

Mannitol Powder

 The results of these lab experiments encouraged medical professionals to

recommend the integration of Mannitol as part of treatment plans for people suffering

from Parkinson’s Disease. The Mannitol molecule delays the process of protein

aggregation in the brain cells. Since this research was carried out, scientists and

patients alike have recorded several instances of restored overall functionality and

a reduced level of the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s including motor symptoms,

speech, drooling, tiredness, loss of balance and sleep


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