Natural remedies for Parkinson Disease

Uncontrollable tremors, memory loss, foggy thoughts, sleep disruptions, difficulty to speak… Parkinson’s Disease is a severe condition that degrades the life quality of millions around the world. Conventional medicine can be helpful, but many people who suffer from the disease don’t enjoy the side effects or the thought of consuming chemicals on a daily basis.

Parkinson’s New Treatment :

Luckily, there are many natural alternative solutions which can help ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This is why we decided to look into the 3 best natural herbs and supplements which help treating Parkinson’s Disease (PD), listed from least to most effective.

Number 3:

Turmeric: The Super-Spice

Lately, this golden spice, widely used in curry and other oriental dishes, turned into a favorite amongst scientists and health enthusiasts. New health benefits of turmeric are discovered with every new research: it’s a natural remedy for infections, it contains antioxidants, it even seems to help with treating cancer! The component in turmeric which helps with all the above is curcumin, and as experts from Michigan State University recently found, it also helps with easing Parkinson’s Disease. It does that by preventing proteins which lead to Parkinson’s Disease from becoming aggressive.


How to Use Turmeric for PD:

If you’d like to try using turmeric as a natural remedy for Parkinson’s, just add some to your cooking.

Number 2:

Coconut oil and Parkinson disease

In recent years, many people who suffer from PD said that regular consumption of pure coconut oil significantly improved their symptoms. Studies support their claim: it seems that coconut oil contains glucose and other ingredients the brain uses as fuel after PD caused their deterioration.

Coconut Oil

How to Use Coconut Oil for PD:

Coconut oil can be found in almost every supermarket. It can be cooked or consumed as-is.

Number 1:

Mannitol Powder

A new Parkinson’s treatment , while all the natural remedies to Parkinson’s Disease mentioned above have their benefits, Mannitol is a whole different level. Mannitol is a sugar alcohol (polylol). This natural low-calorie sweetener can be produced from various kinds of fruits, leaves, and other natural substances. You probably know it as the thin powder that covers some chewing gums is mannitol.


What is the connection between this natural sweetener to treating PD symptoms?

In 2013 Parkinson’s experts from Tel Aviv University had an amazing discovery: they found that consumption of mannitol significantly improves the symptoms of PD: tremors ceased, the memory came back, thinking became clear, sleep came easier, and more.

This groundbreaking discovery is considered as one of the most significant ones in the history of studying Parkinson’s. Today, just a few years from the moment of discovery, thousands of people with PD from all over the world are already using Mannitol to naturally treat their symptoms, feeling better than they have in years: their tremors are gone, speech and movement improved, thought are clear again, and sleep comes easy.

How Does Mannitol Powder Work?

PD experts found that all these amazing results could happen because mannitol can dissolve the aggressive proteins which lead to PD. Additional studies from recent years strongly support this finding, as well as a testimonial of people who suffer from PD and felt tremendous improve in their condition.

Mannitol Balance

How to Use Mannitol for PD:

The brand Mannitol Balance specializes in selling mannitol for PD uses. It offers affordable savings package, as well as providing special customer support for people who use their brand to ease PD symptoms. Use it in place of sugar as an all-purpose sweetener—in baking and cooking, and in hot and cold beverages.

Where to buy Mannitol?

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Those who Gave Mannitol Balance a Chance Reported Significant Relief in PD symptoms:


Mannitol Balance testimonial

I’ve been taking Mannitol Balance for about 3 months.I feel a decrease in my tremors ,and also getting better rest at night.

Fred / Arizona
Mannitol Balance testimonial

Things have been going well for the past few months, I could stand and walk regularly. I can feel my balance getting stronger each day.

Troy / Florida
Mannitol Balance testimonial

Putting a tablespoon of Mannitol Balance in my morning coffee each day helps me  improve my speech and my sense of smell.

Keith / Colorado



   HOW?   Mannitol Balance can be used as a sweetener for your coffee or tea, and you can even use it in your baking, yogurt or cereal.
   WHEN? Mannitol Balance can be taken at any time of the day.
   DOSAGE As a sweetener use 5 grams (1.5 teaspoons) up to 4 times per day.
   SIDE-EFFECT Greater than 20 grams in one day may cause laxative effect.

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