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Having good health is something that should be everyone’s desire and dream but with so many issues around, some of us just happen to be victims of circumstance. Mannitol Balance entered the industry with a vision to help people with Parkinson’s disease in their journey to assist with handling and controlling their health conditions!

Our Story:

Recent studies found a link between the usage of Mannitol and the improved functionality of people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. Our dad happens to be a victim of this disease for more than 10 years, which has been an ongoing concern.  We decided to give him Mannitol as a natural treatment for Parkinson’s.

After a long and intensive search, we finally found a supplier in Europe that has the same exact type of Mannitol that scientists used in that study.

Our Great News

Our dad started taking Mannitol in his morning coffee every day and the results have been amazing, now he can stand and walk regularly, his tremor and speech have improved, and even his sense of smell is better.

The hindrances

After some time we were forced to halt our dad’s use of the Mannitol for the following reasons, hard to find sellers that stock it regularly, if they do it’s only in large quantity, a lead time of 15-25 days, and the shipping is quite expensive!

The Idea

We set out with the intention to solve these problems, and we decided to product Mannitol Balance ourselves, particularly for Parkinson’s disease patients.

Today, we have developed the best form of Mannitol on the market for people that suffer from Parkinson’s disease, right at your fingertips, rather than going through the same stress we had gone through before. Our product has been verified as an effective natural treatment for Parkinson’s and can be used to supplement a healthy diet.

Our mission

To spread the word about the Mannitol Balance to everyone who’s going through the same burden of Parkinson disease or knows anyone who’s facing the same trouble.

Medication only treats the symptoms NOT the cause! So why not to give Mannitol Balance a chance?


Mannitol Balance is 100% approved by the FDA and EFSA. Our product is tested in a laboratory for complete verification and guaranteed levels of purity.

All you need to do is add (1.5 tbsp) Mannitol Balance to your coffee, tea, yogurt… up to 4 times per day and enjoy the benefits of living a healthier life!

Keep Your Balance with Mannitol Balance